Indonesia Blocks PayPal


This article was last updated on August 4, 2022

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Several major websites have been blocked in Indonesia, including PayPal, Steam, Yahoo, and many others.

A number of popular websites have been blocked in Indonesia because they do not conform to the country’s laws. Thus, the estimated 191 million Indonesian internet users will no longer be able to access the Yahoo search engine, the PayPal payment site, or the Steam and EpicGames gaming platforms.

As of November 2020, corporations must turn over data to the government if they’re requested to do so. Internet service providers are also required to delete “unlawful content” when the government asks for their assistance. There was a last-minute registration deadline on Friday for businesses.

A blockade was avoided thanks to last-minute agreements by the biggest internet businesses, including, Apple, Facebook, and Google. Other businesses, on the other hand, are no longer reachable because they have not been registered with the government.

Indonesian internet users are outraged by the new policy. Popular Twitter hashtags included #BlokirKominfo (block the Ministry of Communications), #EpicGames, and #PayPal. Among other things, the Indonesian online game business is feeling the brunt of the action. The PayPal embargo also affects freelancers who utilise the service.

According to the Ministry of Communications, websites that conform to local rules and regulations will be restored to public access. PayPal’s embargo may be lifted for a brief period of time prior to that, allowing users to withdraw any funds in their accounts.

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