Johnson expresses sympathy for Maria Miller on being ‘hounded’ over expenses row

London Mayor Boris Johnson

London Mayor Boris Johnson

London Mayor Boris Johnson has expressed his sympathy Culture Secretary Maria Miller on Tuesday, saying she was being “hounded” after over-claimed expenses scandal as the Conservative minister is facing immense pressure from her own party to step down from her post.

However, a recent ComRes survey results suggest that more than two-thirds of Conservative supporters believe Mrs Miller should have been sacked.

A Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith has told to be “surprised” that the Culture Secretary did not quit even after the uproar against her scandal and asked for a right to have recall referendum for the constituents if they are dissatisfied with the judgement passed over a certain case.

Soon afterwards, Labour leader Ed Miliband has claimed that the Prime Minister has “serious questions to answer” over Mrs Miller as “people in his own Government don’t seem to be supporting her” and he is required to “answer those questions about her status in the Government”.

After which the London mayor has continually sidestepped the questions related to whether the Culture secretary should continue to serve on her current post while speaking during an interview.

Mr Johnson has asked everybody to “calm down” and the damage the situation was doing to Mr Cameron was “an irrelevant consideration”.

When asked whether Mrs Miller should keep her job, he has replied: “She is staying. I don’t know the facts of the case in great detail but it seems to me she is being hounded quite a lot and I suppose my natural sympathies go out to people being in a hounded situation. How about that?

“There she is, she’s being hounded. I think what you need is a… sort it out by having proper independent system of evaluating what is owed and you cannot let the MPs do it themselves.”

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