World’s End murderer faces jail term for life

Angus Sinclair

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Angus SinclairA convicted killer and paedophile faces a jail term for life and has been ordered to serve at least 37 years before having any chance of parole after being found guilty of raping and murdering two teenage girls in Scotland during 1977.

Angus Sinclair, 69, has been convicted of brutally killing the teenagers Christine Eadie and Helen Scott, both 17, after a night-out at World’s End pub in Edinburgh on October 15 1977 after a trial at the High Court in Livingston lasting five weeks.

The bodies of both victims were discovered the following day of their killing in East Lothian. They had been bound and strangled with their own underwear.

Sinclair is the first person north of the border to be tried for the same crime twice after Scotland scrapped its double jeopardy law. The modification to the law in 2011 meant Sinclair could be retried for the teenage girls’ murders after the court case against him collapsed seven years ago.

The serial rapist, who has been in jail for more than 30 years, was convicted of carrying out the attacks with his brother-in-law Gordon Hamilton, who died in 1996.

The jury of nine women and six men – who were unaware of Sinclair’s previous offences – took less than two-and-a-half hours to convict him unanimously of both charges.

Judge Lord Matthews has told him he was “a dangerous predator who is capable of sinking to the depths of depravity”.

The father or victim Helen Scott, Morain Scott has hailed Sinclair’s conviction as “justice” while saying he would never get “closure” for his daughter’s murder.

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