10,000+ Demonstrators Demand Westminster MPs to Take Up Climate Issue

Thousands of supporters of climate change convened on London today to put forward a mass demonstration to demand climate awareness from Westminster politicians. The demonstration organized by The Climate Coalition included travelers from all over the country to Parliament to call on their local MPs to take a stand in the global fight against climate change. Additionally, many other supporters addressed emails to their MPs with similar requests.

According to the organizers, the rally included more than 9,000 people who met their MPs face-to-face on the embankment outside Westminster to explain why they want the new Parliament to support national and global efforts to hold back CO2 emissions and build a cleaner economy. Collectively, The Climate Coalition claims that more than 10,000 pupils voiced their opinion including those who participated in the early afternoon the campaign hashtag #fortheloveof as it trended at #2 on Twitter in UK.

The Climate Coalition wants politicians to unite and present new low-carbon infrastructure plan that takes care of energy, transport and the restoration of nature. Double Olympic Gold Medallist and quadruple World Champion rower, Andrew Triggs-Hodge, stated that “climate change threatens many aspects of human life – and changing water patterns is one of the main risks.” He stated that “in London, the population depends on a relatively small river basin, the Thames. If the stress to the Thames Basin becomes intolerable, it will be hard for my sport to continue in the UK. The risk is too great to ignore. That’s why I’m speaking up for the love of rowing.”

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