Corbyn Vows to Keep Submarines Patrolling but Without Nuclear Weapons

In his recent remarks, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced that he would keep the submarines patrolling the world without any nuclear weapons while calling for a “discussion” to create a “reasonable accommodation” over the Falklands. Mr. Corbyn alleged that Britain can keep Trident submarines without the nuclear warheads in a move to calm the Unions who fear abandoning the nuclear deterrent could lead to significant job losses.

Furthermore, Mr Corbyn elucidated that he would never “press the button” to launch nuclear weapons while stressing that he believed there has to be a “discussion” with Argentina on the Falklands and called for “reasonable accommodation.” He explained that “there has to be a discussion about how we can bring about some reasonable accommodation with Argentina,” adding that “it seems to me ridiculous that in the 21st Century we could get into some enormous conflict with Argentina about the islands just off it.”

Mr. Corbyn discussed that “yes, of course the islanders have an enormous say in this; let’s bring about some sensible dialogue. It happened before I’m sure it could happen again.” However, quite noticeably Corbyn stated that the Falkland Islanders should “of course have an enormous say” over their future, but not an absolute veto. He remarked that “I want to play a full part in the nuclear non-proliferation treaty,” adding that “if anybody uses a nuclear weapon, it is catastrophic for the whole world. Greater security in the world is not found through nuclear weapons.”

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