Obama visits tornado struck Joplin, Missouri


This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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JoplinMissouri-TornadoDestructionAfter a week abroad, Obama was back home meeting with Americans hard hit by tragedy. This past Sunday, he visited Joplin Missouri, one week after a massive tornado swept through the middle of town leaving a six-mile swath of destruction unprecedented in this community of fifty thousand. Just last month he played the role of chief comforter when he visited another tornado ravaged area of the country after twisters hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama and flood victims along the Mississippi.

On Sunday, a community memorial service tried in some way to offer comfort and hope to those who remain to rebuild. The official count stands at 139 killed and 900 injured. 43 remain missing and hundreds are homeless. The tornado was rated an EF-5, the highest rating on the Enhanced Fujita Scale with winds as high as 200 mph (328 km/h).

The president in touring the town had an opportunity to see first hand the wrath of destruction Mother Nature rained down on the town. Pictures of neighbourhoods are startling as street after street shows houses just flattened. Obama was quoted as saying, “You look out at the landscape there, and there have to be moments where you just say, ‘Where to begin? How to start?’ There are going to be moments when, after the shock has worn off, you feel alone.”

The president flew in on Air Force One and got a “bird’s eye view” of the devastation. A reporter said it looked like a giant bulldozer had cleared a six-mile path through the centre of town.

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Telegraph – May 31/2011

Obama visits tornado-ravaged Joplin

President Barack Obama has met the bereaved and homeless in Missouri a week after a deadly twister hit the state.

CBS: pictorial of Joplin

CBS: pictorial of Joplin

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