Horwath believes NDP can win

Andrea Horwath is positive that NDP can win the race of Ontario’s premier.

On Tuesday, Horwath said: “I’m still in this not as a kingmaker but someone who’s running to be in the top chair, and I think I provide a real alternative for folks. I do believe that a lot of people don’t make up their minds until they hit the polling station and receive their ballot.”

According to most of the opinion polls, Liberals and Tories are in a tie. Nonetheless, Horwath stated her key precedence over the weekend. She said she’d work with any other party to meet voters’ needs, signifying her consent for an agreement with one of the other parties.

However, with two days of campaigning to go, Horwath has backed off, hinting she might win.

Horwath said: “We’re going to win by fighting really hard right till the end. You guys talk about that “M” word minority, I talk about the “M” word momentum, and we still have it.”

Moreover, she sacked Premier Dalton McGuinty’s claim that in a minority situation, she’d force another election in 18 months.

She said: “Again the premier putting words in my mouth. I recognize that people are concerned about the future, people want stability in the province, and so whatever they decide on Oct. 6 I’ll be working hard to give them that sense that we can move forward and make life better in this province.”

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