Report declares Canada’s education system a failure

President and CEO of the Canadian Council on Learning, Paul Cappon is to release a concluding report entitled “What is the Future of Learning in Canada?” on Tuesday.

Cappon reportedly said: “One of our problems in Canada, of course, is that we have very little information nationally about how we’re doing. For example, we don’t even know how many graduates we have in any particular year in any particular area, whether it’s fisheries or forestry or carpentry, so we can’t match labour market demand to labour market supply. Those kinds of national reporting systems of data are very important for a country to be able to decide where to put its resources and to be able to move forward.”

He also said that the existing Council of Ministers of Education is unproductive as a coordinating unit since everything takes place on a consensus basis and it does not co-operate with the federal government on issues related to Canada’s education.

The concluding report of CCL proposes an existence of another unit as well, such as a national Council of Ministers on Learning. The federal-provincial body could present national leadership in learning, similar to ministerial council in Australia, or the Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the European Union.

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