Saskatchewan New Democrats aim at eliminating small business tax

The Saskatchewan New Democrats announce to do away with the small business tax after winning the Nov. 7 provincial election.

On Thursday, NDP Leader Dwain Lingenfelter was addressing the North Battleford when he said his party is dedicated to eliminating the two per cent tax that would lead to additional employment opportunities. He added that small businesses utilize one-third of all the workforce of Saskatchewan.

To actually put the claim into practice, the government will have to bear a cost of at least $64 million a year.

“When Saskatchewan booms it should also boom for Main Street,” Lingenfelter said.

Moreover, Lingenfelter says the NDP would also improve conditions for the community business owners and offer on-the-job training program to fill a deficit in trades and skilled labour, in addition to introducing a northern economic strategy aimed at increasing business opportunities in forestry, mining, tourism and aquaculture.

He also countered the mistake made by Don McMorris, former health minister for the Saskatchewan Party by saying: “Mistakes happen! I think they made a mistake of adding an extra zero that put the cost up by tenfold… I guess I won’t be taking any math lessons from the Sask. Party.”

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