Maverick Burglar sentenced

The Jury in Connecticut has found a second man called Joshua Komisarjevsky guilty in the 2007 murders of a woman and her two daughters. The partner in crime of Joshua is already on death row, and the court found Joshua guilty of all 17 charges labeled against him, which included Kidnapping, sexual assault, capital felony killing and arson.

The jury is considering whether they should hand a death penalty to the murderer or a life sentence. The penalty phase starts Oct. 24 and could last up to two months. Connecticut’s death penalty has only been implemented once in the past 51 years, when serial killer Michael Ross was executed in 2005.

 Joshua killed Dr. William Petit’s wife and two daughters after spotting them at a Super store. He followed them home and invaded their house and tied the daughters to gasoline sprayed beds and then set the house on fire. Before killing them he sexually assaulted them.

The attorney trying to defend Joshua said that they will now try and save their client from receiving the death penalty. He said “We have no doubt the jury will view the evidence with compassion and mercy,”

Dr. Petit husband of the woman and father of the two deceased daughter labeled Joshua as a “a lying psychopathic personality who probably still doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong.”

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