President Barack Obama out funds GOP Rivals

Following the disappointment of the low vote it has been reported that President Barack Obama has raised a staggering $42.8 from July till September quarter, leaving behind all rivals by a long margin.

President Obama’s campaign management told on Thursday that he also raised $27.3 million for the Democratic National Committee for a combined $70.1 million during the third quarter.

Nathan Gonzales, deputy editor of the non-partisan Rothenberg Political Report said “President Obama isn’t going to lose re-election because he didn’t have enough money, his vulnerability has more to do with the state of the economy and how people feel about the direction of the country than his fundraising.”

Second behind the president is Tex Gov. Rick Perry who has raised $17 million in only seven campaigning weeks.

Richard Hasen, a campaign-finance expert at the University of California-Irvine said “Perry’s candidacy will be a great test for the role that money can play in the primaries, he’s done very poorly in the polls so far based upon his sleepy debate performances. If he can turn it around, it will likely be thanks to an advertising blitz putting him in a positive light.”

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