Liberals on the death bed

Plenty of ink spilled this week on the death of the Liberal Party. The latest from Susan Delacourt, offers another fair but sober description, well worth a read. These prognosis I’ve read are instructive for Liberals, because they don’t represent some misguided ganging up on we poor Liberals when down, they’re actually full of objective merit. In some ways, the Liberals are like the Bruce Willis character in The Six Sense, just waiting for someone to fill them into the true reality.

So, the question, are the Liberals really dead? Truth of the matter, we just might be, but that recognition isn’t necessarily as dire as the acknowledgment would seem to suggest. See, I believe looking death squarely in the face doesn’t allow for delusional comforts, it’s stark, it’s urgent, it scares the shit out of you. People who have had a near death experience often have an epiphany of sorts, and it is here where the Liberals can come back from the white light, if the prescription is right.

The reality demands a utter REVOLUTION within the Liberal Party, aggressive positions, seismic internal reforms that present a new age democratic institution, a complete and utter overhaul, that can only be achieved knowing full well death is the alternative. My personal pessimism has been fueled by a complete inability to truly recognize the circumstance, the whole plan seems to be predicated on the external hope the NDP fail which is the stuff of gambling. Susan Delacourt makes a terrific point about old stories, “you had to be there”, to which I’d add a culture of ambition, wherein social climbing tends to trump a necessary HIVE mentality.

Look, the Liberals are dead as door nails unless somebody pours icy water on the whole appartus and mindset. To my mind, in this one instance, we very much are looking for the “messiah” leader, because we need a lightning rod, some place to put the revolutionary spirit, someONE to implement the necessary reforms, someONE that can speak above the competing chatter and still lingering appeasements. Liberals need the vehicle, while it’s true that leaderitis has plagued us in the past, if EVER the sentiment was justified, now is the time. We need an insurgent, and hopefully this objective talk of death allows for a hero’s welcome…. It’s the only way, apart from waiting on some LUCK to come our way. We might be dead, Liberals need to start everyday with that morning thought.

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