Skeptics thrust aside omnibus Conservative crime bill in the House of Commons

Skeptics of the notorious omnibus Conservative crime bill ridiculed it in the House of Commons Tuesday while the Tories tried to yet again swift away the debate on proposed legislation that supports compulsory minimum sentences for child sex offenders and drug traffickers.

Soon after MPs questioned the victims, corrections workers and legal experts during a Commons committee hearing, a renewed convict was forwarded to the Parliament Hill to highlight how Bill C-10 will hold back his ability to fit in the society and offer a promising future to his two young children by refusing to pardon him.

29-year-old Chris Courchene from Winnipeg said: “I went from robbing 7-11 stores, robbing drug dealers, escaping from jail, to becoming a good father, a good member of society, a good taxpayer, a role model to other individuals that are facing the same challenge that I am. I feel that the proposed legislation paints everyone with the same brush. I think that the pardons should be for people who have clearly demonstrated without a doubt that they have reformed.”

Moreover, Jean-Claude Bernheim of the Manitoba John Howard Society said that people with con-history in Quebec are treated unjustly as they cannot lawfully acquire a respectful residence or vehicle insurance.

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