Clement probed for paying millions to external consultants

Tony Clement, the president of Treasury Board is under severe criticism for proposing to cut billions of dollars and yet pay millions to external consultants.

The President of Treasury Board was probed at the House of Commons as the government plans to find $4 billion in yearly cuts by 2014-15, in addition to the deep slashing of auditor-general’s budget. Moreover, Clement was also questioned about the federal government’s spending over $360 million this year on Atomic Energy of Canada Limited’s nuclear reactor division, which was recently sold for just $15 million plus royalties.

“It’s just a little bit difficult for Canadians to understand why you’re cutting in public service jobs while you’re giving money to external consultants by the boatload,” NDP MP Mathieu Ravignat said.

In response to all the sarcastic probing, Clement said he knows that the auditor-general’s office is independent; however, he sent letters to the officers of Parliament to figure out if they are willing to voluntarily cut their budgets.

“We’re not looking at it from an ideological point of view. We’re looking at it from a common sense point of view to see whether there’s a practical, pragmatic way to deliver better ser-vices to Canadians,” Clement said.

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  1. A LIAR and a THEIF; Lying on record with the other hand in the cookie jar.

    In what world is “sure”, used in that context as a response to a formal query, not intended as an “affirmative” or “positive” response, signifying clear acceptance??

    Not in Tony’s slimy dark world i suppose.

    Tony is one of the disinformation police of Canada’s dark era… history will remember him and the rest of the Harper regime as the architects of destruction by deceit…

    What he has done and what he is doing is DECEIT… he continues his deceit by demanding apology as acknowledgement of his innocence, like the murderous husband would weep for his beloved dead wife….

    Tony, and the rest of the disinformation police are used as cannon fodder to choke up communication and lay a smoke screen of conflicting disinformation, everyone that is part of the political system is complicit either actively, or passively as a bureaucratic cog-in-the-machine that must respond with the anticipated response when tapped with the expected stimulus… (ie: any NDP ‘apology’, the speaker’s acceptance of the findings, and Hansard’s role).

    Harper is deconstructing Canada, and lying every step of the way, because what real Canadian would truly allow that to occur? You see, the Harper regime thinks of Canadians like frogs in a pot of water over a fire… if they just throw us in the boiling water we might jump out, and we’ll definitely be angry… BUT if they place us in a pot of cold water and bring it up slowly to a boil, we will sit there and get cooked…

    Are we gonna let these double talking, deceitful, anarchists cook Canada and Canadians? So far Canadians are allowing it…. OPEN UP YOUR EYES.

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