Miami’s Ozzie Osbourn saves neighbors

Escarmant's neighbor Ozzie Osbourn a saviour

Escarmant's neighbor Ozzie Osbourn a saviour

A neighbor is to thank after alerting a family their house was on fire while they were inside.

Flames broke out in the house Thursday night, with the family inside and unaware the back of their house was on fire. “We heard just loud nose, ‘Fire, fire, fire,'” said Wilton Escarmant.

Escarmant’s neighbor, Ozzie Osbourn, alerted his neighbors about the blaze when he saw it in the middle of his family’s Thanksgiving dinner. The Osbourn family rushed over to save their neighbor’s lives. “We saw the whole back of the house and when we went you could see the orange glow from the back of the house,” said Osbourn.

After getting the entire family, including their pet, outside of the burning home, Osbourn videotaped the firefighters battling the blaze.

The Escarmants had just returned to their home from their Thanksgiving dinner at a family member’s house. Now, the family has even more to be thankful for. “I am extremely thankful that everybody was able to get out alive, including our little dog. So that right there says a lot, the fact that we still have our lives,” said Escarmant.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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