Standardized cellphone chargers

MP Glenn Thibeault introduced a private member’s bill proposing universal chargers with all new cell-phones sold in Canada. According to Thibeault, this new legislation would help decrease the number of electronic material been dumped every year.

Thibeault said: “We know that when a person buys a new cell-phone, they overwhelmingly dispose of their current charger, even if it’s in perfect condition. People often have multiple chargers for home, work and in the car, so the cost of changing chargers quickly adds up.”

Moreover, he highlighted a few similar policies imposed in European Union since 2009 – most of the leading cell-phone manufacturers (RIM, Apple, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia) all signed to abide by the law – they all use micro-USB connectors for their chargers.

“The E.U. experience has shown that manufacturers are willing to take the steps necessary to develop cellular charger standards. This simple and cost-effective change will have positive consequences for the environment, reduce e-waste and help save consumers money,” Thibeault.

Thibeault of NDP represents the Ontario riding of Sudbury.

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