No Christmas concert in Ottawa school

After Cambridge Public School in Ottawa announced the cancellation of its annual Christmas concert in order to organize a winter festival instead, most of the parents did not seem happy with the decision.

Earlier this week, the school mailed a newsletter to parents stating the annual concert is being shifted so all the students can be a part of it.

The mail read: “As our school community continues to grow, we welcome more families who do not celebrate Christmas. It is our belief that these students deserve the opportunity to take part in the concert experience too.”

The conservative families have shown disappointment and anger at the announcement. One of the parents, Mary Ellen Schellenberg said: “For me and my kids, Christmas is really important. I don’t think we should lose out on what we believe in, especially when it’s a small group of people who sit out by choice.”

School authorities say 206 students of this school do not celebrate or believe in Christmas, which means they all have to sit and watch the other kids prepare for the concert, and it seems a little partial.

“They’re just taking a different approach,” Ms. Rowland said. “They have the children’s best interests at heart.”

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