Ski helmets mandatory as per law in N.S

The government of Nova Scotia is looking forward to pass a rule necessitating all skiers to wear helmets. On Tuesday, legislation was introduced stating any skier not wearing protective helmet would be fined $250 for each offence.

The Department of Health and Wellness says almost 11 people have gone through serious brain damages in the last decade. These accidents went bad as the skiers were not wearing a helmet.

According to Health Minister Maureen MacDonald, there is enough research to establish that although helmet use is compulsory for kids in good number jurisdictions, several teens and adults tend to get rid of the safety measure.

She said: “Really, if we are going to get serious about helmet use and preventing traumatic brain injuries, this is the group we have to target and the way to do it is through mandatory requirements to wear helmets. This legislation puts the onus on the individual. It does not put the onus on the ski hill operator.”

Lynne Fenerty, research nurse with the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre’s division of neurosurgery, said: “These injuries have life-long consequences for patients, families and communities at large.”

She added that the yearly cost of caring for a patient who has suffered a major brain damage is at least $400,000.

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