Former PM Mulroney Shows High Hopes from Justin Trudeau

Former Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney

Former Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney

Former prime minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney, states that Liberal’s renowned leadership candidate, Justin Trudeau has “the ingredients” required for boosting his party’s election chances towards a win. Trudeau’s formal candidacy for leadership was announced on Tuesday during a press conference in his Papineau riding in Montreal.

Being the son of former Prime Minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the 40-year-old politician is now putting the legacy if his father to a test. Mr. Mulroney declared openly that he considers Mr. Trudeau to be a prime candidate who should not be taken lightly by his competitors. He claimed that “he’s a fine young man, he’s going to do well,” and “I’ll tell you: People who underestimate him, they do so at their own peril.”

He also mentioned Mr. Trudeau’s father was also thought to be a “very tough, able man,” adding, “You know, the apple sometimes doesn’t fall far from the tree. He certainly has some of the grit of his dad, and he’s obviously got, as well, he obviously has some of the qualities required to win an election.”

He stated that Liberals were a “much diminished institution,” but he professed that now the party has a fair chance of attempting to rebuild. He mentioned that “If you want to do something for your country [and] you want to do something for your party you have to try and win.” “He’s got the ingredients that could – who knows – make him a winner.”

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