Alabama Police Investigates Shooting of a Drugged Student by Campus Police

The authorities narrated that a nude freshmen of University of South Alabama, named Gil Collar, took drugs and after attacking several bystanders started chasing a campus police officer who eventually shot him, even though the student was not armed.

Mobile County Sheriff, Sam Cochran, was briefing at a press conference when he mentioned that the 18-years-old student had take LSD during a music festival on Saturday. The student assaulted two people in different vehicles and tried to bite a woman’s arm. He further mentioned that Collar visited the campus police headquarters, where he was mortally shot by university police officer, named Trevis Austin. Cochran clarified that investigators looked at the video surveillance, which demonstrated that Collar was indeed nude as he chased the withdrawing officer who fired at once, hitting in the student’s chest.

The sheriffs are trying to determine whether the officer had a possibly avoiding a life-taking gunshot, since he had several non-lethal weapons to restrain the student as well. Cochran stated that “had the officer had a Taser or some other less lethal instrument I don’t know if that officer would have had an opportunity to shoulder his pistol and to use something else because the events were evolving so rapidly and he was approaching so close.”

Cochran expressed “serious concerns” regarding the death of an unarmed student upon initially learning about the situation, but he claims to have “better understood” the judgment of the officer after witnessing the surveillance video. Cochran stated that “It’s very powerful.”

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