Harper’s Visit to West Africa Focuses on Terror Threats

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The threat of Islamist terror going viral in West Africa is going to be the primary concern of Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, as he prepares himself for the two-day visit to Senegal on Thursday. Al-Qaida has already succeeded in taking partial control of parts of Mali, i.e. neighbor of Senegal, while other Islamic terror organizations still function in Nigeria. Hence Harper has planned to converse over the newest developments in this regard with Senegal’s president.

Prime Minister Harper’s spokesman, Andrew MacDougall, addressed the press stating that “the prime minister has, through various fora, including our own G-8, invited leaders from that part of the world to discuss the security situation,” but “President (Macky) Sall, I anticipate, will be able to give us a good discussion on the impacts on the region in West Africa more broadly.”

A former Canadian diplomat in Mali, named Jeff Gilmour, has accounted that there has been several situations in Mali which especially need attention as such events are leading towards a potential creation of failed states which might turn them into mini-Afghanistans. He also went on and asserted that these Islamist organizations functioning in this area are an open and clear threat to Europe too. He said that “I think it’s significant,” and “there are also Boko Haram fighters coming in form Nigeria. It is said they’ve been spotted in Mali. Al-Qaida is getting reinforcements.”

Prime Minister’s visit of Senegal will also discuss other topics including fighting hunger in the Sahel region of West Africa. Julian Fantino, the Minister of International Development will be accompanying Harper on this trip.


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