Bail Hearing of ‘Internet Black Widow’ Adjourned Thrice

Melissa Ann Weeks, better known as ‘Internet Black Widow,’ reached the Sydney provincial court on Friday in a sheriff’s van, handcuffed and wearing a black-hooded jacket. This was her third appearance at the court, and she barely spoke in the end of the brief hearing, telling the judge: “Thank you, your honour.”

The 77-year-old woman is indicted with several charges including attempted murder and administering a noxious substance to her 75-years-old husband Fred Weeks, who was sickened last month. Weeks is now instructed to revisit the court for the fourth time on Oct. 26. Lawyer of Melissa Weeks, Michael Kuna, stated during the court proceedings that he needs even more time for preparing the release plan of his client. After the third time her bail hearing was adjourned, Crown attorney Dan MacRury spoke to the media outside the court and stated that it is not unusual for a case like this to be adjourned this many times.

Weeks was arrested after Fred Weeks was found hospitalized due to suspicious sickness on Sept. 29 at a bed and breakfast in North Sydney, N.S. She was indicted by the investigators immediately as her criminal record already included several convictions for manslaughter, theft and forgery.

She has previously been convicted for man slaughtering of another husband, Gordon Stewart, who she drugged and ran over twice with a car in 1991 outside Halifax. Later, Weeks was again indicted in 2005 for five years imprisonment on seven counts of theft from Alexander Strategos, a man in Florida she had met online.

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