Transport Canada Website Quietly Deletes ‘Environment’ Page

The website of Transport Canada was seen to have removed a page dedicated to “protecting the environment” from its official website due to an upcoming proposal to amend the law designed to protect navigable waters.

The web page discussed environmental issues focusing on the enlightenment of the role of the ‘Navigable Waters Protection Act’ and how much the government is looking forward to consult Canadians for evaluating its effectiveness. This web page used to explain on how the legislation, first adopted in 1882, caused formation of a federal environmental reviews of projects that threatened to disrupt bodies of water.

The web page went on stating that recently assumed provisions will allow the government to impose fines up to $50,000 per day, and how this was an integral element of the federal government’s efforts to clear out any environmental damage. A portion of the website read “these stiff new penalties reflect the government’s ongoing concern towards maintaining the safety of public navigation and the environment.”

The changes were made without any announcement as the NDP deputy leader and environment critic, Megan Leslie, raised the issue in the House of Commons challenging Transport Minister, Denis Lebel, about his intentions to amend the law. Whereas, Lebel defended himself by saying that “changing the words ‘navigable waters’ to ‘navigation’ does not change the essence of this act.” He stated that “that is about navigation, and that is what we will continue to do.”

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