Driver of Car Crash into Alberta Classroom Faces Charges

The minivan driver who crashed right into the Alberta school on Thursday morning, harming almost eight students in total, has now been indicted with more than one charge. According to the data provided by the Police, 46-year-old Richard Edward Benson has been charged with three counts of dangerous driving, one count of resisting arrest and one count possessing an illegal substance.

Out of the eight students injured in the car crash in the wall of a classroom of Racette Junior High School, in St. Paul, Alta., around 9:30 p.m. on Thursday morning, three were critically ill and are still in hospital receiving treatment. Reports claim that all of these three victims were pinned under the vehicle, so had to be immediately airlifted to a hospital in Edmonton. Two young girls remain in critical condition, while the third student has returned to a stable condition.


RCMP Chief Supt., Randy McGinnis, informed the media on Friday that “there was a huge issue with safety, because this vehicle came to rest on the desks in the classroom and there was a great fear that the vehicle may have tipped and come off the desk and landed straight on top of the students that were underneath, or placed more vehicle weight upon them.” McGinnis further added that “so there was considerable confusion and frustration in dealing with that and trying to make sure the scene was safe to get those students out.”  McGinnis mentioned Edward Benson in these words, “he was very apologetic for what happened and was concerned about the wellbeing of the three students.”

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