Interim Mayor of Montreal Will Be Elected by Majority

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The party with majority seats in union council, i.e. Union Montreal caucus, is going to choose a new candidate as the interim mayor, who is going to work in collaboration with all other parties. This announcement was made by the majority leader, Marvin Rotrand, who told the press on Thursday that the new interim mayor will keep the city stabilized until a city-wide election are held next November.

There was a caucus meeting held on Thursday morning for discussing the process of placing an interim mayor, however, the candidate was not selected. The sudden resignation of Mayor Gérald Trembly on Monday evening left Lachine councilor, Jane Cowell-Poitras, as the current acting mayor but she will be soon swapped by a candidate elected by the majority of council members.

Rotrand explained that since Union Montreal is the party with majority seats in the council it holds the ultimate power of choosing a mayor among its councilors, but he assured that the party hopes to choose someone who will have the support of other parties as well.  He explained that “I would like our candidate to get support from the opposition. I’m not counting on it … but we obviously want to get as much consensus as possible because for a long time we have all been looking for a more collaborative approach across the aisle.”

Rotrand stated that councilors at the caucus meeting were in an “upbeat”. He asserted that “people are looking forward to moving forward, to ensuring that the city is stable, that services are delivered. The party is unified and looking forward to future challenges.”

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