Mascouche Mayor Insists Resigning Due to Personal Reasons

A Quebec mayor who announced about his resignation on a newspaper on Friday due to several corruption-related charges is insisting that ongoing legal action against him has nothing to do with his decision.

The Mayor of Mascouche, Richard Marcotte, informed a local newspaper that the actual reasons behind his decision to give up his 22-years of career are family-related. Marcotte was previously scrutinized extraordinarily by his counterparts to resign, especially because he was once arrest last spring because of the charges of fraud, conspiracy and breach of trust involving public contracts in Mascouche.

Marcotte mentioned in his resignation letter, which was posted in Le Trait d’Union that he’s quitting politics to take care of his wife’s ailing son. Almost 65-years-old Marcotte asserts that he finalized his decision before understanding that he shall put his family first after his lengthy political career. He stated that “they say you need to know when to choose your battles.” He further added that it was a privilege to work for Mascouche residents. The report in newspaper quoted Marcotte’s saying that “It’s still 22 years of my life that I’m leaving behind.” Marcotte claimed that “If over 22 years, it was public battles that I chose … today I have decided to focus on the health of my family.”

The Mayor of Mascouche’s corruption-related resignation is the third after Montreal’s Gerald Tremblay and Laval’s Gilles Vaillancourt in a five-day span at the beginning of November. When inquired about it, Marcotte replied that “Mascouche is neither Laval nor Montreal nor any other city” so “the situation is not the same, so there is no connection.”

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