Baird Warns Syrian President of ‘Serious Consequences’

Canada has also become one of the countries, among the overall international community, to have warned Syrian government of “serious consequences” in case it utilizes its chemical weaponry against rebel forces and civilians. The Canadian warning was given by Baird in the House of Commons on Thursday. Recent reports claim that Russia might just be pulling its support for Syrian President Bashar Assad, in response to a report appeared in France alleging that some NATO members are arranging a military attack against Assad’s chemical-weapon stash.

When the Foreign Affairs Minister of Canada, John Baird, was inquired about the French report alleging a Western strike on Syria, he stated that said Canada has been “actively talking” on the issue with its allies, but he cannot confirm if any attack is being arranged, or whether Canada will be involved in case it happens or not. It is already well-established in the international community that Syrian government is well equipped with chemical weapons like sarin gas, and it has warned Assad numerously to not use these weapons against the anti-government elements in the country’s more than 20-month civil war. However, a report of the U.S. intelligence alleged this week that Assad’s forces might be preparing to use the weapons against anti-government forces and civilians.

Baird mentioned clearly in the House of Commons on Thursday that “these reports are deeply disturbing and are absolutely unacceptable.” He added that “our government has been very clear that the international community will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime on the Syrian people.”

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