Québec City man Éric Asselin charged with fraudulent bankcruptcy

The Québec City RCMP Commercial Crime Section, in co-operation with the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB), conducted an investigation into an alleged fraudulent bankruptcy that occurred in 2007. Éric Asselin, 42, of Québec City, was charged with fraud under the Criminal Code.

The investigation revealed that Asselin committed a fraud of nearly $1M. He used frontmen and concealed revenues and other sums of money from his creditors. He also made false statements in the course of the bankruptcy civil proceedings.

Asselin will appear in court in Québec City on January 10, 2013 to face charge of fraud under Section 380 of the Criminal Code.

Fraudulent Bankruptcy

People should be aware that piling up debt while knowing that it will be impossible for them to repay can constitute a criminal offence. For consumers who are unable to repay their debts, bankruptcy is a solution ruled by law, but it can constitute a dishonest act when a bankrupt conceals or fraudulently disposes of property before or after initiating the bankruptcy, or fails to comply with the duties and obligations of a bankrupt.

The RCMP and the OSB Special Investigation Units will continue to join forces to help maintain the integrity of the Canadian bankruptcy and insolvency system by investigating related criminal activities.

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