Astronaut Launches into Space for Five-Month Mission

A Canadian ready to leave earth for space made a successfully launch in a Russian spacecraft. Chris Hadfield was being observed by the camera, during a flawless liftoff from the Baikonour Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, along with rest of the crew inside their Soyuz capsule as they went through their checklists and maneuvered controls with metal wands, saying goodbye to the camera with a thumbs up gesture.

Soon after it was confirmed that Mr. Hadfield have reached orbit, as mission control labeled the launch to be “nominal” and inside the cabin, while Mr. Hadfield left his pen and it floated. Other team members accompanying Mr. Hadfield on the voyage were namely an American physician, Tom Mashburn, and a Russian Air Force officer, Roman Romanenko, who are going to visit the International Space Station. The team will remain there till May, as they enlist themselves as the latest crew to take charge of the orbital outpost and conduct scientific experiments for five months.

Currently the station is housed by a mission commander Kevin Ford, a U.S. astronaut, and two Russian flight engineers, Oleg Novitskiy and Evgeny Tarelkin, who will return by March and replace them. Mr. Hadfield mentioned in a recent Skype interview that “I have devoted pretty much my whole adult life … to getting to this position where someone would trust me to command what is, in effect, the world’s space ship.” He acclaimed that “it is both an enormous thrill and a great challenge to be asked to do this.”

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