Mayor Rob Ford Freed of $6m Libel Case

A Judge of Ontario Superior has dismissed the notorious $6-million libel suit against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, which had put his job under great risk in the start of the month. The judge alleged that there is “serious doubt” regarding the credibility of the restaurateur filing the case. George Foulidis, owner of a controversial Boardwalk Café on eastern beaches area of the city, had sued Ford, who was a councilor at the time and a candidate of mayor ship, along with another former candidate for municipal office, Bruce Baker.

Judge John Macdonald conveniently discharged both the cases in separate decisions released on Thursday. The judge stated that Ford’s statement regarding the city’s untendered 20-year deal with the café owner alleged that he did not actually accuse anyone, but in fact he was only expressing suspicion. The controversial statement was made by Ford during a lengthy meeting with officials of Toronto Sun, although suspiciously the newspaper was not sued. Whereas the controversial letter sent, on behalf of Baker, by someone else accused Foulidis of improperly influencing the city to secure the deal. Judge Macdonald declared that Baker was rather acting in the public interest.

The ruling in Ford’s case was relatively more harshly worded, as judge claimed that Foulidis “attempted to mislead this court about his past fraudulent conduct. Having considered this in the context of the whole of the evidence, I am left with serious doubt about the credibility and reliability of his testimony…”

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