Watchdog Reveals Ex-CIDA Executive Misused Government Resources

A decisive report has established that a senior manager of the Canadian International Development Agency misused resources of the federal government for advancing his private business interests, which includes but is not limited to, tasking his staff to attend private meetings and setting up private travel arrangements.

The report submitted by the Public Service Integrity Commissioner, Mario Dion, claims that the executive showed “a serious lack of judgment and disregard for government policies and rules.” It is disclosed that the alleged official was a director-general at CIDA, though his name is not publicized yet, who left public service during the course of the investigation, which began in May 2011. Dion revealed that the suspected manager used CIDA’s printer, scanner, fax, telephone and email for attending private business activities. Furthermore, it was found out that the he also used administrative staff to schedule appointments, transfer calls, print documents, co-ordinate travel arrangements and manage the official’s email account. The report conclusively states that his conduct was enough to constitute “gross mismanagement,” due to his repetitive use of CIDA assets, time and staff to conduct private business and the “willful and deliberate nature of his behaviour.”

The report notes that the said official has admitted using administrative staff for private business-related tasks, though he claims that it was so minimal that it could not constitute as a significant misuse of resources. The report mentions that the President of CIDA, Margaret Biggs, is deeply concerned of that individual’s actions, noting that he decided to “work in the dark” and showed “a very serious lack of judgment and an inexcusable disregard for government policies and rules.”

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