Senate Leaders Aim to Penalize Dishonest Awardees of Housing Allowance

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Senate leaders have recently signed a letter claiming that any senator who is proven to have wrongfully acquired taxpayer-funded housing subsidy shall be forced to repay all the expense inclusive of interest. The joint letter of warning was signed on Monday by the Senate’s Conservative and Liberal leaders, who alleged that this letter is prompted because the reputation of upper chamber is at stake.

The letter is published only few weeks after a reliable source confirmed that several senators are under investigation for falsely showing that their principle residence is outside Ottawa. This step indicates that the Senate is committing remedial action to counteract bad publicity, which, if shoots up, may even shape into a complete criminal investigation considering the evidence of fraud is established. The letter was cosigned by both Conservative Sen. Marjory LeBreton and Liberal Sen. James Cowan and addressed to the committee currently investigating how the senators use their housing allowance that shall only be awarded to senators whose primary residence is at least 100 kilometres from the capital.

The letter asks the Senate’s internal economy committee to interrogate any of the senators that are currently awarded the allowance and make sure to strongly penalize any culprit who is unable to prove the existence of their primary residence. The letter reads that “we request that you proceed to interview each senator who has claimed a secondary residence allowance to confirm the legitimacy of such claims. Should any senator be unable to convince you that the claim is valid, that senator should be required to repay immediately all monies so paid with interest.”

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