1,200 Recipients of EI Employment Insurance Asked to Appear for Interview

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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It has been confirmed that the federal government has recently begun contacting the recipients of employment insurance at their home due to an “examination” process initiated as the program experiences a complete changeover.

An estimate of 1,200 recipients have been contacted and invited to appear at their customary EI interviews as part of the project, which will wind up next month. Quite naturally, most of the recipients are already confused about the incident, and fear that the ongoing changes might end up having their benefits cancelled. Meanwhile, the union representing federal employees has given a mild response to the situation, alleging that it’s concerned for the safety of its workers. It was confirmed by the Human Resources Development Canada via an email that “an examination to ensure the integrity of the employment insurance program is currently underway.” Federal employees have been visiting the recipients’ houses unannounced since January, and handing over the requests to appear at the regular EI interview.

It is assumed that an estimate of 50 federal employees have been tasked to comply with the project, whereas the government claims, a totally random sample of 1,200 EI recipients from all over the country has been selected to appear for the interview. One such recipient asked to appear for an interview, who spoke on condition of anonymity,  informed that she was returning home after running errands on Feb. 5, when a civil servant arrived at her house. She alleged that “It surprised me when she asked for me. It kind of stunned me.”

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