Quebec Corruption Inquiry Head Looses Patience at a Witness Testimony

The head of the Quebec’s notorious corruption inquiry, France Charbonneau, recently gave up to her tolerance while a witness was testifying on Wednesday regarding his relationship with construction bosses. The person testifying at the inquiry was a former head of Montreal public works, Robert Marcil, who the inquiry suggested to have observed getting involved with company owners, though he adversely appeared on the witness stand continually denying any connection or knowledge of the collusion and bribes.

Marcil completely refused to have ever accepted any money, as a bribe, in return for favourable decisions from the selection committees which made the final call on contracts. However, the inquiry stressed that the phone and text-message records of Marcil showed that that he had subsequent association with numerous Quebec contractors, in spite of his senior position at city hall. At one occasion, he was caught red handed texting ‘sensitive information’ to one of the contractors, though he completed refuted the accusation on the stand, claiming that the alleged informed was already public and hence he never told anyone about any conflict of interest.

Consequently, at one stage during the testimony, commission chair France Charbonneau uttered her annoyance at him, when he claimed that he couldn’t remember if he had contacted a political fundraiser with details from public-works meetings. Charbonneau questioned him, asking that “are you saying that you were stupid and incompetent?” Marcil replied: “I’m definitely not perfect,” in response to which Charbonneau shunned him again saying that “we agree on that.”

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