Tories Blame Liberals of Giving A Special Deal to Elementary Teachers

The Progressive Conservatives blamed the governing Liberals on Wednesday, that they should have given a special deal to public elementary teachers for resuming extracurricular activities. Notorious Tory education critic, Lisa MacLeod, alleged that Premier Kathleen Wynne has denied to public any details to taxpayers regarding the ongoing behind closed doors deal with the teachers’ unions.

Lisa MacLeod alleged that “she talks about clarity, yet she refuses to provide any details,” while also questioning that “is she prepared to water down standardized testing in the province at the behest of teachers’ unions? Was there a promisary note for future negotiations to talk about future increases to teachers’ salaries?” The former education minister asserted that government is working with the unions to generate a new process of collective bargaining and how it will be implemented for the next round of negotiations once the current contracts expire in two years.

However, Wynne affirmed that there’s no special deal and no new money for public high school and elementary school teachers. Wynne alleged that “as I’ve said, implementation details, no new money and what’s the collective bargaining process going to look like going forward.” She added that “so that is really what we have been talking about. And whether you buy it or not, that’s the reality.” She further stated that the aim is to have a “clear bargaining process that has a provincial component and a local component.”

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