Statistics Show Quebec Least Interested in Liberal Leadership Race

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Newly released statistics of the party exposed that less than 15,000 voters, out of the more than 127,000 in total, have registered to cast their ballots in the federal Liberal leadership race from Quebec. Whereas, in comparison to other provinces, it was seen that more than 16,000 voters registered in British Columbia and an extraordinary 60,000 from Ontario, even though the leadership race has three candidates from la belle province, including front-runner Justin Trudeau and former astronaut Marc Garneau.

The statistics released on the party’s website on Monday, clearly showed a impending lack of interest in the party in Quebec, which has lead majority to believe that path back to power must run through the province.  Even Alberta, that is deemed as least friendly territory for the Liberals in the past, has more registered voters on a per capita basis than Quebec. The president of the national party’s Quebec wing, Alexandra Mendes, revealed that “there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that for the Liberal Party to regain the national relevancy that we are aiming for, Quebec is a very big part of that equation.”

All liberal members and supporters have started casting their ballots on Saturday evening after the party’s national showcase event in Toronto. The voting, which is being done primarily online, will continue until Sunday, after which a new leader will be chosen at an event in Ottawa. Liberal spokeswoman Sarah Bain said in an email Monday that the party is “on pace for a great voter turnout.”

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