Auditor-General’s Report Says $3 Billion Unaccounted in Anti-Terrorism Funding

In a report released on Tuesday, the auditor general Michael Ferguson revealed that the federal government’s much-advertised policy of fighting terrorism is vulnerable to a mysterious $3-billion shortfall in spending. The report asserted that the Harper government has failed to explain why so much money set aside in recent years in lieu of fighting terrorism initiative has simply gone missing.

Moreover, he stated that the government is not sure on whether or not it has achieved its goal set in the strategy of keeping terrorists away of Canada, and dissuading attacks. This crucial report, which was revealed only a few days after the Parliament passed anti-terrorism legislation and the RCMP made arrests in an alleged plot to derail a Via Rail train, will evidently seek the attention on the government’s capability to guard against terrorist attacks.

The auditor’s report examined the Public Security and Anti- Terrorism (PSAT) Initiative, which was established in 2001 after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States. The plan implied that the government shall distribute billions of dollars to various departments and agencies in order to reach five objectives: keep terrorists out of Canada; deter detect, prosecute and remove terrorists; facilitate relations with the U.S.; support international initiatives; and protect Canada’s infrastructure. Ferguson stated that “in this audit, we examined whether reporting of funds was accurate and whether programs were consistent with the objectives of the Initiative.” He alleged that “it is important that government knows whether the funds allocated to protect Canadians and fight terrorism are being spent to achieve the PSAT objectives.”

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  1. harper and the corruption party took the money for themselves ! pure greed, pure corruption and totally against the law ! tomorrow, it will be something else that makes this government look like a fool ! PAPTHETIC !!!

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