Alberta Agrees to All Recommendations in Slave Lake Wildfires Review

In a news release on Tuesday, the Municipal Affairs Department confirmed that the province has accepted all recommendations made in an external review of the May 2011 wildfires in the Lesser Slave Lake area. The government previously invited an external firm to conduct the Lessons Learned Report, which partly recommended to “build on the successes and experience of addressing the Lesser Slave Lake regional wildfires to ensure that emergency preparedness, response and recovery systems across the province are consistent with a set of shared principles.”

The 237-page report by KPMG LLP mainly emphasizes over the response in the first three months to catalogue and relates different actions taken against established protocols and practices. Municipal Affairs Minister, Doug Griffiths, mentioned in the press release that “the Slave Lake wildfires required a heroic, multi-faceted, cross-jurisdictional response.” He added that “this report clearly highlights the extraordinary number of resources and effort that was marshalled to make the response and recovery a success. Any time there is a significant disaster, it is prudent to do a post-operational review. This report does just that, allowing our province to be more prepared for future disasters.”

The report highlighted that majority complaints reported to have not given enough warning and at the time they had to evacuate, they were forced to turn around because some roads were closed. Griffiths stated that “we have accepted all recommendations in the report and are working with other government departments, their partners and stakeholders to address them.” He added that “many are already implemented or in process of being implemented.”

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