PMO Admits Sen. Mike Duffy Talked with Harper about Expense Claim

In a recently passed statement by the Prime Minister’s Office it was revealed that Sen. Mike Duffy had attempted to contact Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the end of a mid-February Conservative caucus meeting to discuss his highly controversial expense claim. The office strictly emphasized that it was the only time the two conversed on the matter. It explained that Duffy conversed about his claims with Harper, which he asserted were correct at the time, though the prime minister still insisted that inappropriate expenses must be repaid.

PM Harper’s director of communications, Andrew MacDougal, mentioned on Friday, that “following a caucus meeting, Mr. Duffy approached the prime minister in the caucus room regarding the situation with his expenses. The prime minister was adamant that he should repay any inappropriate expenses.” MacDougall reiterated that it was the only time the two men spoke about the issue. According to numerous witnesses in the room, Harper immediately announced to his caucus at that February meeting that any improper expense claims should be repaid, though he did not make any indication towards mention Duffy or any other senator by name.

Speaking to reporters in Prince Edward Island on Friday, Duffy alleged that it’s unsuitable for him to comment amid the pending expenses investigation, though he believes he’ll be vindicated. He stated that “when that work is done, I think that Canadians will agree, as the independent auditors at Deloitte found, that criticism of my expenses is, frankly, largely without merit.”

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