Hundreds Rally to City Hall Demanding Mayor Ford to Resign

Several hundred Torontonians convened outside city hall on Saturday afternoon calling on the embattled mayor to step down, as they chanted “Rob Ford has got to go.” Ford critics pointed out several reasons for setting out their demand asking mayor to resign before the expiration of his four-year term in 2014.

An attendee of the rally, Ryan North, stated that he was present to let people know “that there’s more to Toronto than Rob Ford and there’s more to Toronto than crack cocaine allegations.” He alleged to be worried about the impact of the allegations overshadowing city hall’s priorities. Referring to when Lastman called in military in January 1999, North stated that “it’s what most of the American and world media knows about Toronto and I worry about that because (former mayor Mel) Lastman called out the Army 10 years ago and we still get the Army jokes about Toronto.” He elucidated that “this crack cocaine story has been going for two weeks now with no end in sight and I worry that it’s overshadowing not just the business of the city but the city itself.”

Another blunt Ford critic, John Veillette, who carried a sign reading “Crack in Rob’s Armour,” complained that Ford lacked leadership capability since his election victory in 2010. Referring to a public transit plan developed by former mayor David Miller, Veillette alleged that “the main problem really for me, personally, is Transit City.” He emphasized that “the way (Ford) just advocated slashing it was just ridiculous.”

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