Alberta’s Flood Ravaged Areas Remain in State of Emergency

An update predicted a forecast of some more rain in the flood-ravaged region of Alberta, including Fort McMurray, although the river levels are expected to remain standstill for the moment as the officials pray that the worst is over. The state of emergency placed on Tuesday remains intact in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, which was placed due intensive and heavy rain that caused the Hangingstone River to overflow its banks and threaten homes. Albert Health Services also issued a boil-water advisory for several places.

The municipality’s deputy chief of operations, Brad Grainger, stated that “right now, actually, we’re in a holding pattern. Mother Nature is on our side, it’s not raining, water levels are high but we’re optimistic we may have peaked.” He added that “If Mother Nature stays on our side, we’ve probably seen the worse of things.” Grainger explained that almost 134 people are currently evacuated from their homes due to the risk of flooding.

In an official press release on Tuesday, Mayor Melissa Blake stated that the state of emergency was declared “to protect residents’ safety and ensure the swiftest possible response” to the flood. She added that “we encourage residents to co-operate with local authorities and stay upbeat during these trying circumstances.” Talking about the damage caused by the calamity, fire chief for Wood Buffalo, Darby Allen, explained that “roads have been taken out, pathways have been taken out, the river is encroaching on people’s properties so there’s been some challenging times the last couple of days.”

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