Toronto Police Conducts Huge Raid against Drug Traffickers

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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In a report published on Thursday, prompted by an enormous multi-city police drugs and guns sweep, it was mentioned that Toronto Police had been using various surveillance techniques to aid in “investigating the existence” of an alleged crack cocaine video linked to Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford several weeks before the story first surfaced. The report mentioned a “highly placed source” to have had confirmed that several “persons of interest discussed that video in detail, and referred to the mayor’s alleged presence in the video.”

The report has been published at such a critical time when Toronto police Chief, Bill Blair, declared that the force has recently arrested a long list of 43 suspects, seized 40 firearms and $3 million worth of drugs in early morning raids concentrated on a Dixon Rd. complex. The apartment towers at the street are commonly deemed as the focal point of alleged Rob Ford crack cocaine video scandal. Blair revealed in press conference that almost nineteen suspects arrested were from Toronto, while the remaining nine were from Windsor, who were charged as part of a year-long police and border security investigation code-named Project Traveller.

Blair refused to comment on any connection between Ford and the recent action, even though the location of seizure was the same Rexdale home where a man photographed with Ford lived. He stated that “the only place for the legal disclosure is in a court of law.” It was added that “all of the evidence has been secured and it will come out in court where it belongs. We will not jeopardize this case.”

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