Mulcair Causes Security Breach by Running through Parliament Hill Security Gate

An alleged confusion brought NDP leader, Tom Mulcair, in lime light on Thursday as he apparently ran through a security gate of Parliament Hill without stopping for a security check, which ultimately resulted in a chase by RCMP officers. A statement from the New Democrats claims that the incident was a sheer “misunderstanding,” a part of which was recorded on video showing Mulcair’s black car being followed by a police cruiser with lights flashing before coming to a stop near the East Block.

Almost all vehicles usually driving through the Parliament Hill are compelled to be screen through a facility located on the western side of hill, which is well guarded by gates and manned by RCMP officers. Reports claim that the NDP leader only waved the officers on duty as he drove through the open gate without any security check, consequently causing an apparent security breach.

Later an official statements from Mulcair’s office explained that the NDP leader usually passed through the gate without any security check, but “the officer didn’t recognize him, leading to a misunderstanding.” The statement added that “once notified of the misunderstanding, he had a very respectful discussion with an officer.” It was mentioned that “he then immediately went down to clear up the misunderstanding with the commanding officer.” NDP stated that Mulcair decided to immediately apologize and hence was allowed to leave without any warnings or citations. The statement concluded that “the matter was settled immediately and cordially.”

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