Saskatchewan Premier Wall Refuses to Apologize to Trudeau

The Premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall, has refused to offer any apology for demanding federal Liberal Leader, Justin Trudeau, to reimburse an amount of $20,000 that he charged for speaking at a literacy conference in Saskatoon. Wall alleged that, in his point of view, it is entirely unsuitable for an elected official like Trudeau to accept a fee to talk at such an event, hence he shall return the amount charged.

Talking to reporters on Friday, Wall mentioned that “I just think in terms of an example of leadership that that’s the right thing to do at this point.” Additionally, Wall elucidated that “he’s now an aspirant to be the prime minister of the country. I think it’s wrong for MPs or MLAs, for those to elected office, to take money for speeches that we ought to be giving because we’re already paid our wage and so, because these are charities in the main, I think an offer of reimbursement is the right thing to do.” The Saskatchewan premier has pointed out that the conference held in April 2012, was only left with a surplus of $7,000 for its next event.

Furthermore, Wall highlighted that the speech was made shortly before the Quebec MP announced his decision to run for the Liberal leadership, hence he’s curious to know if the money was used to help finance Trudeau’s leadership campaign. Later, Wall added that in case Trudeau assures that none of the money he charged to charities aided his leadership campaign, “then I accept him at his word.” However, the premier also said he makes “no apologies for asking questions of accountability.”

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