Danielle Smith Demands State of Emergency to Be Extended for High River

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Wildrose Leader High River resident, Danielle Smith, expressed her concern alleging that the province should extend the state of emergency which was declared at the time of flooding. Smith complained that the city council is no way near ready to handle day-to-day operation of the town since majority councillors are still dealing with their own flooded homes and businesses. She stated that “we’re not anywhere near past the emergency,” asserting that “we’re not anywhere near normal.”

Smith further revealed that she knows of several councilors who are in favor of having the emergency status continued. She pointed out that the city still does not have any garbage pickup plan and that only parts of the community have mail delivery. Smith questioned “what message are we sending to the public if you say the provincial emergency is over?” She added that “there’s just too much to do and much of it requires the resources of the provincial government.”

However, on the contrary, a spokeswoman for Municipal Affairs Minister Doug Griffiths, Kathleen Range, stated that the state of emergency was bound to automatically expire after 14 days and there are no plans to extend it past Friday. She announced that “we’ve met with the mayor and he even phoned the minister a few minutes ago and he is fully in favour of being able to take back control of the operations.” It was insisted that “the provincial state of emergency will expire and at this point it doesn’t look like it will be renewed.”

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