Authorities End Dedicated Search for More Lac-Mégantic Victims

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Authorities have announced that dedicated search to find any more human remains will be concluded today in Lac-Mégantic, Que., while investigators looking into the cause of the deadly train disaster continue their inspection and focus on the “abnormal” intensity with which the load of crude oil ignited and burned. So far, after almost four weeks since the disaster, the approximated death toll has ended up at 47, out which 42 bodies were discovered while remaining five people are still missing. However, Police claims that the number might still increase, even if the search at the crime scene is over.

Meanwhile, the coroner’s office has so far been able to identify 38 of the recovered bodies while it continues to work on the remaining bodies. A spokesperson for the coroner’s office stated that she sincerely believes that forensic workers did “everything humanly possible” to find and identify victims. At the same time, officials of The Transportation Safety Board of Canada have also decided to end their on-site operations in the devastated town.

Meanwhile, federal investigators reiterated on Thursday that the think the derailment accident created fires and explosions that were unusually strong. Head of the Quebec region for the Transportation Safety Board, Ed Belkaloul, stated that “we’ve heard from a number of experts who confirm that the crude oil acted in a way that was abnormal.” While, the head federal investigator in Lac-Mégantic, Donald Ross, revealed that “we are aware of those experiences and have sent investigators to North Dakota, we are following the oil from the wellhead to here.”

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