Unsuccessful Landing Causes Death of Canadian Mountain Jumper in Italy

Italian rescuers mentioned in a press release issued on Wednesday that a Canadian extreme sportsman, 47-year-old Mario Richard, expired during an unsuccessful landing of a parachute jump in Italy’s Dolomite Mountains, where he unfortunately crashed between two rock towers. It was explained that Richard attempted a jump from a 1,000-meter (3,300-foot) peak in the Val di Fossa, near Bolzano, on Monday. One of the rescuers of the Alpine rescue service present at the scene, Gino Comelli, explained that he only failed to clear a rock by three meters.

Comelli revealed to The Associated Press that “there are two mountain walls connected by a rock. Richard arrived three meters too low, on this rock. Then, he rolled over in a canal.” At the time, Richard was jumping with a group of Italians and Canadians. Comelli reported that the incident was a complete mishap as Richard had already jumped thrice successfully from the same peak the previous day. Richard resided in Utah, where he helped run Moab B.A.S.E. Adventures. . His remains are being kept in the nearby town of Canazei. Speaking on behalf of Canazei’s city hall, Rita Marchetti, explained that the remains will now be cremated and sent to the United States.

Richard has become the second famous jumper to have passed away in this week. Another renowned skydiver popular for parachuting into London’s Olympic Stadium during the opening of London’s 2012 Games, Mark Sutton, passed away on Aug. 14 in Switzerland due to crash landing into a rocky ridge.

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