Mayor Pender Doubts Feasibility of Canada Post Plan

Corner Brook Mayor Charles Pender shared having serious reservations on Canada Post’s plan to switch from home delivery to community mailboxes. Addressing reporters on Friday, Mayor Pender stated that “we have an aging population and some fairly rugged terrain in this city, so I’m just concerned about how people are actually going to get their mail.” He added that “if we’re going to go to the community mailboxes it’s going to be somewhat difficult for individuals to do that.”

Having said that, Pender claims he understands the decision was prompted by a significant decrease in the volume of mail and revenue, though he expressed curiosity over how it plans to get it done. He stated that “I don’t know if they realize it, what issues they’re going to have here in Corner Brook,” adding that “we don’t generally have a lot of sidewalks.” The Mayor highlighted that people will probably use their vehicles to get to the mailboxes due to the weather and terrain.

Pender pointed out that “there’s going to be issues around traffic and people parking on the sides of roads to pick up their mail.” He raised another question about space availability for not only the mailboxes but also the people to pull off the road safely. He stated that “this is going to create more problems than I think (Canada Post is) anticipating, especially in a community like ours. It might be different if you have a city that’s a newer developed city with wider avenues and lanes and parking space and flatter terrain.”

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