Mega Million Jackpot Jumps to $550M

The Mega Million Jackpot has been boosted up to 550 million dollars which has lead to a major increase in the number of buyers who are ready to test their luck. This jackpot is the second largest amount in the history of the lottery and thousands of Americans are ready to bet their luck.

There were no winners in the over night 425 million jackpot which lead to this record breaking high. The next drawing will be announced Tuesday night. This is the fourth largest lottery prize jackpot in American history. No one has been able to win the jackpot in the last two months which has increased the jackpot to the second largest amount in Mega Millions history, trailing the 656 million dollar jackpot won by an Illinois couple in March 2012.

A seventy five year old retiree, Jan Lyons, could not help but my two lottery tickets to up her odds. ‘Because the jackpot is so high,’ exclaimed the retiree from suburban Markham. Many other Americans can’t help but buy the Mega Millions ticket even though they realize the fact that the odds of winning the jackpot is 1 in 259 million. Tom Leuangkhamsone is one of those people who usually don’t play Mega Million but he couldn’t help buy a ticket at a convenience store in Atlanta. ‘I feel lucky today,’ said Leuangkhamsone. ‘If I win I would probably give most of it away.’

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