Springdale Man Receives Anonymous Mail from Around World

Family members of 24-year-old Andrew Jacobs Reid, who has severe autism and lives in the central Newfoundland town of Springdale, have recently revealed having had received an “overwhelming” amount of mails from all corners of the world thanks to the generosity of “so many angels.” Reid’s mother, Trina Reid, alleged that receiving such a large number of mails always puts a smile on his face.

Reid explained that when a birthday parcel failed to arrive last summer, he was pretty upset but her mother quickly responded by asking a few of her social media friends to send him cards. She elucidated that “I put a note on Facebook for my friends, and asked if they would drop off a card in the mail for him to cheer him up, and it just went viral. All over the world — he’s had stuff come from everywhere.” She added that “he got stuff from Denmark and England, Australia. It’s coming from everywhere. There’s packages coming from Asia, Antarctica — everywhere. It’s worldwide now.”

The family confirms to have received more than 1,000 pieces of mail in all. Reid stated that “it’s amazing. It’s overwhelming when you walk in [to the post office]. When we went in the first time and his mailbox was full, and there was a cart there to go inside and they brought out all this, I was just floored, flabbergasted.” Reid added that “I couldn’t believe it that there’s so many angels, that’s what I’ll call ’em, there’s so many angels that want to help put a smile on his face.”

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